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HC Technical offer;

  • Comprehensive industrial coating inspection services carried out by a iCORR certified coating inspector

  • Consulting services including coating specification writing with a special interest in secondary containment

  • Awareness training for on-site maintenance teams dealing with multiple bunds and secondary containment areas who need the knowledge to carry out daily inspections

  • On and off-site services carrying out economical repairs for all types of industrial issues including;

  • Repairing worn and damaged engine and gearbox shafts

  • Engine and gearbox casing repairs

  • Repairs and industrial coatings for holed / cracked vessels and tanks

  • Assessment and repair / coating of secondary containment areas (Bunds)

  • Pump coatings and refurbishment

  • Ripped and torn conveyor belts

  • Leaking pipes, joints and flanges

We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the South East of England. Often vital repairs such as worn gearbox shafts can be carried out in situ, vastly reducing costly downtime and preventing the need to hire cranes etc to remove shafts that are operating on high plant.

Please call us on 07541 195481 or email us at hannah@hctechnicalcoatings.co.uk if you have a job you want us to assess or an emergency repair you need us to attend.