Belzona Flooring Solutions Save A Plantroom Floor

At this time of year we are often working on projects inside clients facilities. One of the most popular applications we get involved in is applying non-slip hard wearing surfaces to work areas.

Belzona 5231 is an epoxy floor coating which provides excellent chemical ,abrasion and slip resistance. It's incredibly easy to apply using a roller onto a wide range of surfaces including concrete and steel, an added bonus is it's fast curing time which reduces downtime.

It's a popular choice for our customers as it is a low odour product and therefore easily used in facilities that are open to the public such as schools, hospitals and care homes. It's a hygienic easy to clean coating that has also proved to be a hit with food manufacturers, one of the benefits is it's a monolithic seamless coating that removes the danger of moisture ingress at any joints.

A great example of the products versatility was a project we carried out last year for a power station. Their plant room floor had been laid with power floated concrete and had a really slippery surface. The floor needed to be coated quickly to prevent the risk of a slip or trip, we were able to apply the new coating with .minimum disruption and had the project completed within 3 working days.

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