HC Technical saves a slurry pump!

The volute  opposite pumps large flints and had signs of significant wear with a severely damaged area at the top of the volute which had holed through. The volute always wears through in the same place. The client does not wish to lose efficiency and therefore there was no need to rebuild the entire casing.
The casing was grit blasted using aluminium oxide grit to give as much of a profile as possible and to clean any residue from the plants processes. In order to carry out a lasting repair it’s important to have a clean and sound surface.
The outside of the casing was repaired using stainless steel mesh and Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal. The mesh is used rather than plate as it can be easily moulded to the contours of the casing but is still as hardwearing as plate when applied in layers. The Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal is a repair and rebuild composite specifically designed for erosion / corrosion damage.
Belzona 9811 Alumina tiles were then bonded internally over the repaired hole with the Ceramic R-Metal before being grouted with Belzona 1811 Ceramic carbide. The ceramic carbide is an incredibly hard wearing compound that offers “boot and braces” protection on top of the alumina tiles.
Finally a coat of Belzona 1331 abrasion resistant coating was applied over the repairs to keep the system protected during transit until it was fitted at the quarry.
The cost of the repair was less than half the cost to replace the volute, more importantly, the repairs can be carried out swiftly thus preventing costly plant outages whilst a new volute is ordered.

Scroll down through the photos to see the finished project, this repair is now carried out regularly by HC Technical for our client.