Concrete repairs for windows and lintels

Its been another busy period for HC Technical and we're proud to have finished a project for a school that had suffered some severe damage to their concrete window sills and lintels. 

The school had their windows replaced with new double glazed units, unfortunately, during the works it became apparent that the concrete sills and lintels were in a very poor state. Over time, as concrete becomes more porous the steel bar that runs through the sills to provide support and strength will be exposed to moisture and will corrode. As this corrosion increases it cause the concrete surrounding the bar to appear as if it is swelling before it finally breaks away. The school needed to repair the issues to prevent any further deterioration and more importantly, to keep its staff, pupils and visitors safe.

Our solution was to use Belzona 41412 Magma Build to repair all the damage and rebuild where needed. Magma Build is an extremely lightweight concrete repair compound, it is ideal for overhead repairs as it can be built up to a depth of 6inches before it will slump. It's incredibly easy to mould thus giving an aesthetically pleasing repair that has the advantage of preventing future damage to the concrete. We have case studies showing Magma Build repairs still in place after 30 years!

We completed the works over several weekends to minimise disruption to the school, the windows have all been made safe and look as good as new as you can see below.