Solutions for heavy abrasion

Lots of my clients experience daily problems with heavy abrasion from media such as aggregate, ash and waste slurry. 

Here at HC Technical we have a variety of ways to solve those issues for our clients using Belzona products to save them money from wasted downtime and costly replacement of plant.

One of the most recent projects we have completed are the lining of some new chutes for a large aggregate and asphalt supplier. The original chutes were blocking up as the sticky mixture of aggregate and bitumen was building up in the corners of the chutes, in addition the aggregate flowing through the chutes was wearing holes in the chutes in a matter of days.

Our tried and tested solution was to use a combination of Belzona 4131 Magma Screed ( ) at a thickness of 6mm to line the new chute and then apply a thick coating of Belzona 1331 protective coating ( ) on top of the screed. Fillets were formed down the inside corners of the chute to remove the problems with the product blocking the chutes.

This combination works to solve the problem by being extremely hard wearing, highly resistant to abrasion and very smooth so that the sticky product can flow over the surface. The lining will last for a very long time, if any damage is sustained in the future it can be very easily patch repaired with no need for hot works or specialist tools. 

The client is very happy with this solution and is having more of the same work carried out. Click through the slide show below to see the stages of the lining and the finished product.