A new year and a new project

Happy New year!

We're constantly trialling new ways to help our customers here at HC Technical and January is no different. 

I work with a client who has had problems with mixer arms and tips experiencing excessive wear in their mixer boxes for some time. Mixer boxes contain a combination of molten bitumen, aggregate at varying gauges and filler dust. They've been hard facing the arms but this isn't really solving the issue for them and in terms of time, materials and labour it's a costly fix. They approached me in December last year to see if I could suggest something that might help.

So we are trying a new coating combination in a box at one of their plants to see how long they will last. At the moment this particular plant is only getting a maximum life of 2-3 months from their mixer arms and tips.

The coating is going to be a layer of Belzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal followed by two layers of Belzona 1811 Ceramic Carbide. The idea is that the Belzona 1321 will provide a durable base layer and give greater adhesion for the two layers of Belzona 1811 on top. The total thickness of the coatings will be just over 6mm. 

The purpose of the Belzona 1811 is to provide a wearing face, allowing the rough coating to pick up a small amount of product and provide an even longer lasting protective layer. Belzona 1811 is an incredibly hard wearing rough faced coating that is used in areas experiencing very high abrasion such as the mixer boxes, chutes and as a pipe lining.

We are fitting the arms on the 17th January and I'll be carrying out regular inspections so I shall be keeping you posted with the results!