Belzona Flooring Solutions Save A Plantroom Floor

At this time of year we are often working on projects inside clients facilities. One of the most popular applications we get involved in is applying non-slip hard wearing surfaces to work areas.

Belzona 5231 is an epoxy floor coating which provides excellent chemical ,abrasion and slip resistance. It's incredibly easy to apply using a roller onto a wide range of surfaces including concrete and steel, an added bonus is it's fast curing time which reduces downtime.

It's a popular choice for our customers as it is a low odour product and therefore easily used in facilities that are open to the public such as schools, hospitals and care homes. It's a hygienic easy to clean coating that has also proved to be a hit with food manufacturers, one of the benefits is it's a monolithic seamless coating that removes the danger of moisture ingress at any joints.

A great example of the products versatility was a project we carried out last year for a power station. Their plant room floor had been laid with power floated concrete and had a really slippery surface. The floor needed to be coated quickly to prevent the risk of a slip or trip, we were able to apply the new coating with .minimum disruption and had the project completed within 3 working days.

Please do feel free to get in contact with us via our "Contact" page to see how we can help you with your flooring issues.

HC Technical saves a slurry pump!

The volute  opposite pumps large flints and had signs of significant wear with a severely damaged area at the top of the volute which had holed through. The volute always wears through in the same place. The client does not wish to lose efficiency and therefore there was no need to rebuild the entire casing.
The casing was grit blasted using aluminium oxide grit to give as much of a profile as possible and to clean any residue from the plants processes. In order to carry out a lasting repair it’s important to have a clean and sound surface.
The outside of the casing was repaired using stainless steel mesh and Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal. The mesh is used rather than plate as it can be easily moulded to the contours of the casing but is still as hardwearing as plate when applied in layers. The Belzona 1311 Ceramic R-Metal is a repair and rebuild composite specifically designed for erosion / corrosion damage.
Belzona 9811 Alumina tiles were then bonded internally over the repaired hole with the Ceramic R-Metal before being grouted with Belzona 1811 Ceramic carbide. The ceramic carbide is an incredibly hard wearing compound that offers “boot and braces” protection on top of the alumina tiles.
Finally a coat of Belzona 1331 abrasion resistant coating was applied over the repairs to keep the system protected during transit until it was fitted at the quarry.
The cost of the repair was less than half the cost to replace the volute, more importantly, the repairs can be carried out swiftly thus preventing costly plant outages whilst a new volute is ordered.

Scroll down through the photos to see the finished project, this repair is now carried out regularly by HC Technical for our client.


Concrete repairs for windows and lintels

Its been another busy period for HC Technical and we're proud to have finished a project for a school that had suffered some severe damage to their concrete window sills and lintels. 

The school had their windows replaced with new double glazed units, unfortunately, during the works it became apparent that the concrete sills and lintels were in a very poor state. Over time, as concrete becomes more porous the steel bar that runs through the sills to provide support and strength will be exposed to moisture and will corrode. As this corrosion increases it cause the concrete surrounding the bar to appear as if it is swelling before it finally breaks away. The school needed to repair the issues to prevent any further deterioration and more importantly, to keep its staff, pupils and visitors safe.

Our solution was to use Belzona 41412 Magma Build to repair all the damage and rebuild where needed. Magma Build is an extremely lightweight concrete repair compound, it is ideal for overhead repairs as it can be built up to a depth of 6inches before it will slump. It's incredibly easy to mould thus giving an aesthetically pleasing repair that has the advantage of preventing future damage to the concrete. We have case studies showing Magma Build repairs still in place after 30 years!

We completed the works over several weekends to minimise disruption to the school, the windows have all been made safe and look as good as new as you can see below.

Solutions for heavy abrasion

Lots of my clients experience daily problems with heavy abrasion from media such as aggregate, ash and waste slurry. 

Here at HC Technical we have a variety of ways to solve those issues for our clients using Belzona products to save them money from wasted downtime and costly replacement of plant.

One of the most recent projects we have completed are the lining of some new chutes for a large aggregate and asphalt supplier. The original chutes were blocking up as the sticky mixture of aggregate and bitumen was building up in the corners of the chutes, in addition the aggregate flowing through the chutes was wearing holes in the chutes in a matter of days.

Our tried and tested solution was to use a combination of Belzona 4131 Magma Screed ( ) at a thickness of 6mm to line the new chute and then apply a thick coating of Belzona 1331 protective coating ( ) on top of the screed. Fillets were formed down the inside corners of the chute to remove the problems with the product blocking the chutes.

This combination works to solve the problem by being extremely hard wearing, highly resistant to abrasion and very smooth so that the sticky product can flow over the surface. The lining will last for a very long time, if any damage is sustained in the future it can be very easily patch repaired with no need for hot works or specialist tools. 

The client is very happy with this solution and is having more of the same work carried out. Click through the slide show below to see the stages of the lining and the finished product.

A new year and a new project

Happy New year!

We're constantly trialling new ways to help our customers here at HC Technical and January is no different. 

I work with a client who has had problems with mixer arms and tips experiencing excessive wear in their mixer boxes for some time. Mixer boxes contain a combination of molten bitumen, aggregate at varying gauges and filler dust. They've been hard facing the arms but this isn't really solving the issue for them and in terms of time, materials and labour it's a costly fix. They approached me in December last year to see if I could suggest something that might help.

So we are trying a new coating combination in a box at one of their plants to see how long they will last. At the moment this particular plant is only getting a maximum life of 2-3 months from their mixer arms and tips.

The coating is going to be a layer of Belzona 1321 Ceramic S-Metal followed by two layers of Belzona 1811 Ceramic Carbide. The idea is that the Belzona 1321 will provide a durable base layer and give greater adhesion for the two layers of Belzona 1811 on top. The total thickness of the coatings will be just over 6mm. 

The purpose of the Belzona 1811 is to provide a wearing face, allowing the rough coating to pick up a small amount of product and provide an even longer lasting protective layer. Belzona 1811 is an incredibly hard wearing rough faced coating that is used in areas experiencing very high abrasion such as the mixer boxes, chutes and as a pipe lining.

We are fitting the arms on the 17th January and I'll be carrying out regular inspections so I shall be keeping you posted with the results!